Through partnerships with local consultancies we may offer our services in almost any European country. We have already carried out projects in Finland, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia and also in non-European countries.

Your advantage: parts of the necessary work are carried out on site, saving time and money. You may hold us responsible for the result and you may be sure that the entire project will be processed according to the proven "Avantgarde GmbH standard“ - means with the best service quality. Of course we pass cost advantages through local work on to you.


Step-by-step approach in a market entry project:

  • Pre-Market-Entry Study a short, cost-effective study of competitors, customer groups, prevailing distribution systems, framework conditions, market prices,...
  • Formulation of the strategy assortment, target group, USP, profile of the target companies
  • Identification of the responsible contact persons and their personal contact details by direct investigation
  • Development a strong „sales narrative“ and communicate it through 4 different channels (letter, e-mail, social media, call)
  • Classification - in a direct dialogue, we classify the companies in the target group as interested/suitable – open/not yet classifiable – not suitable/interested. And send you an accurate report.

At the end of the process there is a "Short List" + "Next Steps"

The "Short List" shows those people with whom further cooperation makes sense.

We are also happy to help you in the "take-off phase" of the new business relationships:

  • organisation of visiting tours or telcos
  • Preparation and/or moderation of B2B meetings
  • Negotiations or "fact-finding missions" Whatever makes sense for you.

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